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Tax Services

VAT Rebate Services

VAT rebates carried out under the Value Added Tax Law (VATL), Ref. No. 3065, are included in the scope of this service. Within this framework, such services are performed to resolve clients’ problems concerning VAT rebates, alternative rebate procedures, ensuring receipt of VAT rebate in a timely and efficient and appropriate method constitute part of our services on VAT rebate. In this context, our staff of experienced and expert Certified Public Accountants, as well as Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors, carries out VAT rebate services with great care and speed. The scope of the VAT rebate service also covers determination for companies of value added tax amounts which must be rebated, writing VAT rebate reports for procuring rebates, performing sub-company and counter examinations necessary for writing reports, monitoring processes up to finalization of written reports by the tax authority, ensuring receipt of VAT rebate, set-offs and/or release of guarantees. 

In the process of rebate of value added, relations between the taxpayer and taxing authority are regulated considering the procedures stipulated by the tax administration and contained in the legislation and VAT rebates are realized as soon as possible.

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