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Consultancy And Training Services

Tax Services


 Audit Services

 Corporate Finance


 Consultancy And Training Services

   Management Consultancy

   Corporate Consultancy

   Organization and Reorganization of Business, Finance, Accounting, Management and Cost Accounting Sys

   Internal Control Systems and Organization and Reorganization of Internal Audit Units

   Incentive, R&D, Investment and Loan Consultancy

   Exchange Legislation and Foreign Capital Consultancy

 Accounting and Reporting Services

ECOVIS DEGER, which operates on the principle of “Adding value to the values of its clients”, stands ready to assist clients in benefiting from regulations in incentive legislation. Under this service, ECOVIS DEGER undertakes an assessment of opportunities for our client to benefit from R&D, investment and export incentives, assessment and selection of investment and loan alternatives and investment financing consultancy.

Incentive, R&D, Investment and Loan Consultancy

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