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Member, The Board of Directors

Partner, Chief Auditor

Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant

Mr. Özbek was born in Karacabey, Bursa (Turkey) in 1968.

He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences-University of Ankara in 1990. 

He was appointed to the Tax Inspectors Board of the Ministry of Finance as an Assistant-Tax Inspector in 1992 and became a Chief Tax Inspector in 2002. He has took over a number of positions and conducted various studies and researches in different sectors including the building and construction sector, mortgage, and risk management in banking sector – Basel II.

In 2004, he was sent for a temporary assignment in the United States of America where he also conducted a number of studies and analysis.

He has resigned from his services at the Ministry of Finance as a Chief Tax Inspector in January, 2008 and started to work as a Financial Director for companies in private sector. Mr. Özbek joined our company in January, 2009 and is fluent in English.

He holds the Certificate of Financial Accountant Under Oath pursuant to Code Nr. 3568.

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